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Ezee-logo.pngis an international electric bicycle brand with distribution throughout the world with a long history in New Zealand. Established in 2001, it is known for its uncompromising attention to what makes an electric bicycle wonderful for the person who matters most – the rider! In the face of fashions and fads and many other design considerations it has always put the customer first


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eZee Sprint Alfine T4

NEW MODEL The eZee Sprint Alfine T4 has upgraded gears and brakes, plus a new smoother torque sensor and better LCD display.

eZee Sprint 7L Classic

The urban and wine-trail legend! A great value, well equipped eBike, as used by the Auckland Council and various NZ government agencies & businesses.

eZee Forza LST

Powerful, low maintenance e-bike, designed for both city and rail trail riding.

eZee Carro ED

Want to keep exercising? Don't want a mobility scooter? Try an electric trike (eTrike). Can be used in pedal only, pedal electric assist or purely electric (no pedaling).

15 amp hour (540 watt hour) Kinetic (eZee) lithium battery

15ah spare or replacement battery for Ezee bikes.

28 amp hour (1008 watt hours!) High-density, Kinetic (eZee) lithium battery

28ah spare or replacement battery for Ezee bikes.

34 amp hour (1225 watt hour) Kinetic (eZee) lithium battery

34ah spare or replacement battery for Ezee bikes.

Schwalbe Marathon-Plus tyres

German puncture-resistant touring/commuter tyre, found on many Ezee bikes.


The Mirrycle mounts in minutes with the wrench that is included. The mirror is a 3" round, convex glass mirror with a wide field of view. The mirror is adjustable to any viewing angle.

AXA Chain.

Use your built in AXA lock with this chain to keep your bike safe.

AXA Frame Lock

The AXA Defender is a high quality frame lock with an innovative design and the option to link a plug-in cable or -chain to the lock so you can lock your bike to a fixed object.