Mobility scooter owners get day out

Pictured from left to right: Jan Reeve, Darwin Vincent and Cynthia Drake competed in a fancy hat competition at Regional Mobility Scooter Day at the Esplanade.

Mobility scooter owners from across the region rolled into the esplanade to celebrate a day dedicated just to them.

Thirty-seven scooter-users celebrated Regional Mobility Scooter Day on Friday with group discussions on road-saftey, a fancy hat competition, and an obstacle course in the Palmerston North Esplanade. 

Participant Jan Reeves, who won best decorated hat, had attended the event for several years. 

"It's great for companionship."

The Feilding resident said it was an opportunity to catch up with people from Whanganui, Levin and Palmerston North. 

Darwin Vincent, who made a hat out of cauliflower and lemons, said it was a good chance to talk about roading issues. 

Although there were problems such as broken glass on footpaths, Vincent said other riders in his hometown weren't a problem.  

"I think we are really lucky in Feilding. We've got some really courteous drivers."  

Palmerston North City Council transportation planner Sandi Morris said many scooter riders complained about glass on footpaths, but if they called the council it would be cleaned-up within a few hours. 

"If we don't know about it, we can't act on it," she said. 

"Other issues that are often raised are sunken trenches in footpaths which create a hazard."

Scooter riders motored through the Esplanade in an obstacle awareness exercise, to learn how to manage hazards. 

Rob Stick, from Mobility Manawatu, had been bringing people to the event for the past eight years.  

"The day's all about a bit of fun and safety," he said.

One safety concern he had was the speed at which some scooters could reach.

"Some get up to 30 kilometres per hour. That's far too dangerous and shouldn't be allowed," he said. 

He encouraged people to get scooters with a maximum speed of 15kmh.

-As published by Manawatu Standard, 11 Nov, 2016